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End User Instructions

Instructions for end users to install or uninstall Fin's Chrome extension after IT has deployed it

Install the Chrome Extension

To access, you will receive an email with a link to log in and install the Chrome Extension.

If you are part of a Fin Analytics Trial and your organization DOES NOT have an Enterprise Build of the extension, you can get the trial version of the extension here.

Once the extension is installed, it prompts you to record the screen.

If you have multiple displays, you must enable recording for each display. In the case pictured above, you must enable for both Screen 1 and Screen 2.

Note: If you repeatedly see a screen like this, make sure you click on the preview of Screen 1 or Screen 2 before you click Share.

Once you have the extension installed and working, you’ll see this button next to your Chrome address bar:

Snooze Recording

Click the Fin button (pictured above) to open the extension controls. From here, you can both Snooze the extension and Add Annotations (provided that your organization has these controls enabled).

Snoozing the extension disables all data streams.

The extension will automatically resume from the snoozed state after the selected duration. About 60 seconds before recording resumes, you will be reminded by a Chrome notification that recording is about to resume.

Pause Individual Data Streams

Click the Fin button to open the extension controls. You can then click on an individual data stream to toggle it Off (Pause) or On (Resume), provided that your organization has these controls enabled.

Once paused, a stream will remain paused until you toggle it back on, or your session refreshes (examples of a session refreshing include your logging out and back in, or losing connection and then being reconnected).

Extension Status

A glance at the extension button tells you about the extension's health. The extension button changes colors depending on its status.

Green + (OK)

After you log in and enable the extension, if everything is working correctly, you will see a Green ”+”.

Red x (Error)

The red x displays when your extension is in one of the following states:

  • Networking errors: To resolve, check your internet connection.
  • Recording prompt not enabled: To resolve, make sure you Enable Recording for each connected display.

Orange x (Partial Error)

The orange x means that you have enabled recording on one of your monitors, but have not enabled it for all monitors. To resolve, make sure you Enable Recording for each connected display.

Orange 0 (Redacting)

Your organization may have Fin set up for only certain tools. If you are browsing a site that is not enabled with Fin, you may see an Orange 0, which means that the Fin extension is redacting (not sending any recording data).

Orange Zzz (Snoozing)

If your organization has enabled the Snooze option, when you open the extension controls by clicking the Fin button, you can pause recording by toggling the on / off switch in the pop-out menu. When you are snoozing, the extension is not recording data, and you will see an orange Zzz.

Uninstall or Reinstall the Extension

To uninstall or reinstall the extension:

  1. Visit chrome://extensions/ in your Chrome address bar.

  2. Toggle the switch on the bottom right to temporarily disable the extension (if you are experiencing a blocking error, this is a better choice than pausing the extension).

You can also Remove the extension from this page.


Extension is Blocked by the Administrator

If you use Google to manage which extensions your team can install, your team may see this error when trying to install:

To allow the Fin Analytics extension:

  1. In your GSuite admin console, go to Device ManagementChromeUser Settings.
    You will likely see Block all apps and extensions except the ones I allow if your team is getting this error.
  1. Next to Allowed Apps and Extensions, click Manage.
  2. Select Chrome Web Store.
  3. Paste this ID in the search box: chngigcbphacmfeinnmlbgnollbdemdm.
  1. Select Add, then Save.
  2. After clicking the Save button in this dialog, you must also click the Save button that displays at the bottom of the Settings page after this dialog dismisses.

Check CPU / Memory Usage for the Extension

To inspect or debug the resource usage for the Chrome Extension:

  1. In the menu on the top right of the Chrome toolbar, go to More ToolsTask Manager. This opens a Task Manager window where you can see the CPU and Memory usage for each extension.
  1. Scroll down to Extension: Fin to view the usage for the Fin Extension.

MacOS Big Sur Permissions Issues

On MacOS Big Sur and later you will need to grant Chrome access to record your desktop. This may have already been done if you've used Google Meet, Loom or similar.

If you see the following error:

"Fin Analytics is unable to record audio on your system due to a system error. Please restart Chrome and try again. If the problem persists, please switch workstations."

This MacOS permission issue may be the problem.

Confirm that you have enabled Google Chrome access to Screen Recording via System Preferences.

Open System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Privacy → Scroll to ‘Screen Recording’ → Ensure Google Chrome is checked On.

You will have to restart Chrome for the changes to take effect.

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End User Instructions

Instructions for end users to install or uninstall Fin's Chrome extension after IT has deployed it

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