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Interact with the Chrome Extension

Instructions for new users to get started with Fin

Set Up Your Fin Account

  1. Confirm your account by clicking Join Now from the email you receive from [email protected] or from [email protected].
  1. Create a password.
  1. Launch Fin by clicking the extension icon at the top right of Chrome.
  1. At the prompt, click Log in on the dashboard.
  1. Log in or use your organization’s SSO login.
  1. When prompted to share your screen(s), for each screen, click the screen, then click Share.
  1. When prompted to share microphone audio (the prompt will appear near the address bar), click Allow.
  1. When prompted to share web application network details, click Prompt me, then click Allow.
    This prompt will likely only occur once; however it may occur up to once per login.

Pause and Snooze

Individual Data Streams

Temporarily pause individual data streams by clicking the video icon to disable video.

Unpause streams by clicking the greyed out icon. Resume all activity by toggling the ‘Zzz’ button to ‘On’.

All Data Streams

Pause all streams for a set time by toggling the On switch to ‘Zzz’.

Resume all activity by toggling the Zzz switch to 'On’.

Redact Video

If necessary, you can click to quickly redact the last few minutes of video.

After confirming, you will see a push notification indicating successful redaction.


From the extension, you can tag and create annotations.

  1. Click the extension icon to expand the form.
  2. Fill the ‘Message’ box, select appropriate ‘Tags’.
  3. Click Submit.

Learn more in our Annotations article.

Get Support

Once you have enabled sharing, the extension will run in the background requiring no further interaction.

If you have a question about the status of your extension (indicated by the Green, Red, or Orange icon on your Fin extension), refer to our extension status documentation for a description of states.

If the extension prevents you from working after following the steps to set up your account, please contact your site leadership first.

If the issue can not be resolved internally, feel free to contact Fin Support. Click the extension icon, the context menu at the top left, and then Support.

Transition from Work Use to Personal Machine Use

If you are using Fin on a personal machine, follow these steps to successfully transition from work back to personal machine use:

  1. Sign out of Fin.
  2. Click your work profile icon at the top right of Chrome.
  3. Sign out of your Chrome work profile.
  1. Close all instances of Chrome; otherwise background instances may still share screen.
  2. Open a new Chrome window and switch to your personal profile (you must log in to a non-Fin profile; it is not enough to only log out of the Fin profile.

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Interact with the Chrome Extension

Instructions for new users to get started with Fin

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